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Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps come in many different styles. There are air-to-air or ground-water systems. The heat pump can be run as a stand-alone system or coupled with a fossil fuel system for dual fuel. Typically heat pumps run more efficiently than other types of heat.
The ground source heat pump can supply your home heating and cooling needs. It is the most energy-efficient, pollution free heating and cooling systems. This system uses buried pipes to circulate liquid and collect heat from the earth during the winter and reverses the process in the summer. A heat pump transfers heat rather than creating it and is designed as either closed or open loop systems.
The heat pump does not burn any fuel. Therefore, there aren't any flames, fumes or vents. This system is non-polluting, clean and safe.
Closed Loop System
A closed system uses special formulated pipes buried in the ground either vertically or horizontally. The pipes are connected to the heat pump in your house and contain a water/antifreeze solution. In the winter, the ground's warm air (below the frost line) is circulated into your house and the cold air circulated out keeping you warm. In the summer, the warm air in the house is circulated out and the cool air from the ground is circulated in keeping you cool.
Open Loop System
An open system operates in the same manner as a closed system, however, the liquid circulated is water from a lake, pond or well. This system does not require antifreeze solution.
Call your Cooperative personnel to answer your questions on ground source heat pumps. 715-239-6800 / 800-300-6800.

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