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The Mini Boiler is specifically designed for floor hydronic heating. Radiant floor heat is comfortable, economical, safe, healthy, versatile and has zoning ability.
What is Radiant Floor Heating? Radiant floor heating is the fastest growing method of home heat for both new construction & remodeling projects. It is widely regarded as the most comfortable, healthiest and most natural heating process available.
How does it work? With radiant floor heating, the living space is heated by circulating warm water through tubing in the floor. The heat in these tubes radiates to the floor surface and rises evenly throughout the room above. The result is evenly distributed room temperatures at a lower energy cost.
How is the water heated? The water is heated by the Mini Boiler hydronic heating system. Because the Mini Boiler is electric, there are no worries of carbon monoxide, back drafting, pilot lights, gas piping, or venting. The Mini Boiler electrically heats water and circulates it through the polyethylene tubing in the floor. The Mini Boiler is easy to install and is compact enough to be mounted in a closet or hidden in an area of your basement.
Call your Cooperative personnel (Nicole or Russ) to answer your questions on Radiant Floor Heat. 715-239-6800 / 800-300-6800.
Or for more web info on Mini-Boilers Electro Industries

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